Julia Kemper wines are the new generation of a traditional Portuguese family that has always nourished a great passion for Dão – their origin. 

Their mission is to nourish the passion for Dão wines throughout the World in a way that is both differentiating and innovative and in perfect harmony with nature.

The vineyards at Quinta do Cruzeiro are delicately treated in conformity with sustainable agricultural practices; organic farming consistent with their  personal values and the heritage from past generations.

Quinta do Cruzeiro cellar began construction of its granite walls in 1950 and continued throughout the different Melo generations, and finalized by Julia Kemper´s grandfather who, taking advantage of the sloping terrain, worked with the force of gravity.

Some of our selection:

Julia Kemper Vinhas Selecionadas 2012

Current production year: 2012

Name of the farm: Quinta do Cruzeiro

Demarcated region: Dão (Portugal)

Grapes: Tinta Roriz, Alfrocheiro and Jaen

Type of fermentation: Classic vinification. Crushing and total destemming. Fermentation in granite lagares with foot treading, with controlled temperature up to 26 ° C and maceration for 7 days. malolactic fermentation after alcoholic fermentation.

 Alcohol (%): 13,3

Type of soil: Granitic origin

Climate: Mediterranean with maritime and continental influences

Characteristics: This wine results from the combination of three of the main grape varieties of the Dão region: Tinta Roriz, Alfrocheiro and Jaen. Deep ruby colored with an intense aroma of wild berries and bergamot. In the mouth it is full-bodied, without losing its elegance. The aftertaste is long and complex.

Julia Kemper Reserve Red 2011

Current production year: 2011 harvest

Previous production year: 2010

Name of the farm: Quinta do Cruzeiro 

Classification: Denominação de Origem controlada – DOC DÃO 

Grapes: Touriga Nacional , Tinta Roriz, Alfrocheiro, Jaen

Type of Fermentation: Granite rock tanks grapes treaded by foot

 Alcohol (%) 13,9

Type of soil:  Granitic origin

Climate: Mediterranean with continental and maritime influence

Characteristics: This wine of extreme elegance and character presents a purple color and a complex and striking aroma where we can find ripe red fruit combined with notes of rosemary and moka. The palate is long and structured. 



Julia Kemper Curiosity 2012

Current production year: 2012 harvest

Previous production year. 2010

Name of the farm: Quinta do Cruzeiro

Classification: Denominação de origem controlada- DOC Dão 

Grapes: Alfrocheiro, Touriga Nacional

Type of fermentation: Alcoholic fermentation with temperature controlled at 26ºC during 7 days

Alcohol (%): 13,5

Climate: Mediterranean 

Characteristics: This wine was made from the most emblematic grape varieties of Dão, Touriga Nacional and Alfrocheiro. Curiosity reveals the greatest expression and magnitude of wines created in Quinta do Cruzeiro and signifies a milestone of singular authenticity. It demonstrates a very deep red color with garnet nuances. The aroma is complex and delicate, revealing blackberry notes combined with shades of violet, bergamot, spice sand soft woods expressions.  In the mouth it is velvety, with the presence of educated and well-designed tannins. It presents a balanced structure with long and exquisite bouquet end.

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